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Pre-order/1-week production Nowadays, we want to save our planet from plastic bags but when every company produced too many cotton bags and give people for free. The fact is, cotton bags must be reused 7,000 times before they meet the environmental performance of plastic bags. Thai family has a lot of free bags at home but not every bag will be used because it has only 1 function. But if we can use fabric that made from discarded plastic bottles, we can help reduce waste and save energy than produced the cotton bag. ARTWORK brand wants Thai people to learn about Furoshiki which is the art of Japanese fabric wrapping which can design many ways to wrap and also can tie as a bag. So you can use your creativity to design to wrap anything. This is also better than the spunbond bag made from virgin plastic pellets. And help create awareness on the plastic problem environment. This furoshiki also replace paper gift wrap which is a big waste problem too.
ARTWORK FUROSHIKI 5 plastic bottles = 1 furoshiki fabric
Size 98 cm x 98 cm : Retail price : 990 bahts
We can make at least on size 130 cm x 130 cm.
Water repellent (Please inbox to get wholesale price) pre-order & custom-made

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